Treina Connosco, a wonderful initiative!

In the municipality of Paredes, partner of the GeoLab project, a wonderful activity, carried out also by our Street Coaches, has been held since the beginning of the year.

 The Municipality is promoting an informal run or walk on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

 The run is in groups and anyone who wants to can just go to the meeting point and participate. Such an initiative was created to encourage the practice of physical activity and social inclusion.

 The route is 10 km long, ideal for both those who want to do competitive physical activity and for those who want to do a less demanding activity. 

Participation is free and the goal is to encourage citizens of the municipality to have a healthy lifestyle.


 The success of this activity is one of the many proofs of how running, as a universal sport, can actually contribute to social integration in urban centers, and EU funds can contribute to boost it through sport programmes!


We at GeoLab are proud to be partners of this initiative and we hope  to see similar initiatives emerge in all the 100,000 municipalities of Europe!


Run together, Run further! 


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