The Ping Pong Fest, the fourth GeoLAB’s RAREvent !

On Saturday 8 October, in Gallipoli, the Ping Pong Fest organized by TTX Ping Pong Tour, was held.

It was a day of celebration dedicated to sport, integration and culture, all values embraced and shared by GeoLAB project and this is one of the reason why we choose to be partner of this amazing event!



TTX is the game of ping pong reinvented with new materials and rules!

Rackets and balls are different from those of conventional table tennis, thus allowing you to use any table and play anywhere: in the square, on the beach, or wherever you want, both indoors and outdoors.

Table Tennis X is a game format that wants to connect more closely those who practice the sport of table tennis with the group of people who like to play table tennis. It is a new format that makes this sport even more fun and dynamic.

The TOUR includes 3 types of Events:

– TTX CUP 2022 is a circuit of TTX tournaments – having an exclusively promotional nature – carried out at a territorial level which can be organized on the respective territories by the sports clubs and / or by the Regional / Provincial Committees.

Each tournament can be organized both in an indoor (gym) and outdoor (square, street, etc.)

– PING PONG FEST : summer fun tour that will make all participants experience, inside the TTX Village, an outdoor day full of sport and fun with performances, music, sports entertainment, lots of ping pong tables open to all as well as, of course, an exciting TTX tournament

– PING PONG SUMMER : territorial events organized on a regional scale and which will allow the Regional Committee / sports clubs to establish its presence on the regional territory.

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