The “Pìndaro Sport & Events” cultural association was made up of a group of young sport lovers to enhance and promote the sport in all its forms, the culture of well-being, the territory, and sociability.

Why Pindaro? The name Pindaro was not randomly chosen. It is, in fact, the Greek writer who lived in the fifth century BC who first exalted the sporting deeds and the Olympic games. This is also why the Association distinguishes itself with activities aimed at discovering and enhancing the cultural aspects related to sport.

Among this, the Overtime Festival, born in 2009: the first and unique festival in Italy to talk about sport, ethics, and sports culture. Meetings, screenings, concerts, thematic aperitifs, sports exhibitions and performances, events dedicated to journalism, literature, cinema, comics, photography, food, and much more.

From the champions’ gestures to the stories of the great losers, from sports novels to conferences, from sports narrative to sports ethics. Sport becomes the key to understanding social processes, building intercultural exchanges, and a place of national public memory. Because sport has to be accessible to everyone, to be actively part of the time in which we live.

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