Internet Of Things for Sport

The platform has been designed to accomplish the different phases of engagement and loyalty process of participants to the runners’ community.

GEOpard relies on an advanced system of data management and measurement, biosensor instruments with the purpose of psychophysical well-being and prevention.

By integrating complementary ICT technologies such as communication platforms, earthbased stations, wearable sensors, big data processing, Internet Of Things, the platform guarantees a solution which enables runners to store, elaborate and transmit real time data and physical metrics related to their training sessions.

In particular, through the implementation of data transmission technologies to the DSS (Decision Support System) platform, the project will be able to present important information with the purpose of improving sport performancemonitoring participation on community and to give technical advice on a proper physical activity for each user.

Also, it will be possible to store data in back end to register performance improvements, confronting different performance and goals achievement.

This information will have a strategic value in the schedule of events and in definition of future actions to engage new users.