Kick-off meeting for GeoLAB Project: an online academy for street coaches

Last Friday, 12th March, the kick-off e-meeting of GeoLAB Project took place, after the first two months of preparation and team building, revealing its logo and motto “become the street coach of your city”.

GeoLAB is a project conceived by FIDAL – the Italian National Federation of Athletics, co-funded by the EC, which works in continuity with GEOPARD ( in preventing risk of radicalization among youngsters through sport, and running in particular.

GeoLAB focuses on coaching as a vehicle of social integration and inclusion, especially in urban contexts where episodes of violence and exclusion are more frequent, due to vulnerability factors for youth.
The Project aims at paving the way for a well educated trainers networks, somehow innovative figures who are willing to acquire sport and social competences to manage with particularly fragile and vulnerable people, the so-called “people at risks”.

Fifty “Street Coaches” coming from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Estonia, through online lessons, with different backgrounds, will acquire a mix of technical and social competences and will have the opportunity of sharing and exchanging, also through role models and project team works.

At the end of the course, “RAREs” (Race Against Racism Events) will be organized in each partner country to test acquired competences and make the format attractive and repeatable.
Through this process, lasting 24 months, main outcomes will consist in creating a European Street Coaches Academy and in providing useful Documents and Guidelines to study and analyse the present scenario and a future interpretation of the context in terms of social inclusion through sport programmes.

We are convinced that if trainers are well educated, skilled and aware of their role, young people at risk of isolation, or at the margins of communities, are prevented to be radicalised and excluded.

Updates and news are in the pipeline: keep updated and follow us on our profiles!

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