New GEOpard’s column ready to go: Party Cities!

Not only sport and running for Geopard’s readers but we will give a look about innovative project around Europe. Through the next weeks we will discover how European Cities work for future, environment and technology. First city… LONDON! 

London unveiled the Smart London Plan in 2011 and it is the coordinator of the Sharing Cities Project. Sharing Cities is a major international smart cities project addressing some of the most pressing urban challenges facing today’s cities such as energy use, low carbon transport and buildings, and harnessing data for the good of the city. The program brings together 34 partners from across government, industry and academia to create solutions together. The project draws on €24 million in EU funding. It aims to trigger €500 million in investment and to engage over 100 municipalities across Europe.

Sharing Cities Project want to achieve 10 important goals:

  1. Aggregate demand and deploy smart city solutions;
  2. Deliver common and replicable innovative models;
  3. Attract external investment;
  4. Accelerate take-up of smart city solutions;
  5. Pilot energy efficient districts; 
  6. Shift thinking irreversibly to local renewable energy sources;
  7. Promote new models of e-mobility;
  8. Successfully engage with citizens;
  9. Exploit city data to maximum effect;
  10. Foster innovation at local level, promote the creation of new businesses and jobs.

About the Capital city of UK The Royal Borough of Greenwich, one of the 32 London boroughs is implementing the Sharing Cities program. The Borough is recognized as a leading local council in the Smart City field, and the first London Borough to introduce a Smart City Strategy. Launched in October 2015, it has four key components: transforming neighborhoods and communities; transforming infrastructure; transforming public services; and transforming the Greenwich economy.

The Greenwich demonstrator area is one of the most strategic locations in London. It stretches along the riverfront – from Maritime Greenwich, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Greenwich Peninsula – and spreads over 516 Ha. The site includes visitor attractions such as the O2 Arena, a new business start-up district, existing and new residential sites, and considerable water frontage. 

Citizen engagement is a core priority across all four themes. Greenwich is installing renewable energy generation such as solar panels and exploring options for sourcing heat from the River Thames to provide locally generated energy with lower emissions and greater energy security.

The new Urban Sharing Platform implemented in Greenwich is a successful example of how data from a broad range of suppliers including smart parking, e-bikes, eCargo bikes, eV charging and sustainable energy sources can be combined and appropriately shared to demonstrate CO2 and financial savings.

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