GEOpard announces its new website

Since the GEOpard project started, offering its users a website where they can read the latest news about the project and learn about all the upcoming events has been one of its key points.

Especially in this post COVID period in which all of us sportsmen and women can’t wait to be able to fully resume all activities and competitions, GEOpard renews itself to offer its Users an even better service.
To achieve this goal, the Italian Athletics Federation FIDAL, has planned to use a geographical platform developed for RunCard affiliates dedicated to amateur runners (available from 2015).

In terms of renewing the user experience, improving and making the GEOpard website more complete was one of the first steps to make our users feel more confident that they are part of a project and a platform that are constantly being renewed while maintaining the ideals on which they are built.

We are proud that the GEOpard project has turned its gaze to the future and innovation without forgetting the pillars that give strength and substance to the idea on which the project was conceived.

We look forward to seeing you on the new website to discover all the news that are coming and to follow all the latest news and sporting events promoted by the Project.

Welcome aboard the GEOpard project.