GeoLAB draws conclusion on the Training Course and launch second year activities

The GeoLAB workshop “From the Atlas to the Report” dedicated to an important phase of the Project’s P-D-C-A methodology was held today, online, at the presence of all partners country coordinators (Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal and Slovenia).


Conclusions on the Training Course were drawn: 14 lessons 2 hour each, from 6 December 2021 to 21 March 2022, attended by a class of 40 Street Coaches, available online on the platform. Points of strengths and weakness will be outlined in the Report, which will represent the outcome of the second phase, after the presentation and the starting scenario illustrated in the Atlas last October in Siena.


Analysis and comments of the Academy were followed by the sharing of the program for next in presence event, which will take place in Tolmin (Slovenia) in mid-May.


RARE – Race Against Racism Events are in the pipeline for all the partners: they will be the opportunity for Street Coaches to go down the streets and test the knowledge and competences they acquired. From “Treina Connosco!” to the race in Zagreb and the Four Bridges Night Run in Mestni Trg… it will be an exciting spring for GeoLAB!


During the final part of the meeting, the communication and dissemination strategy was discussed, in order to improve the visibility of the Project and of its results, in light of the final conference in Paredes and of the publication of Guidelines.


Run together, Run further!, this is the right motto for GeoLAB Project!

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