Do You Know GEOpard?

GEOpard is the vehicle to integrate youngsters with their peers all over Europe under the umbrella of running for fun!

Let’s train in settled tracks – similar for length and gradient – sharing with your community results, photos, videos, and ideas.

Through GEOpard you could become an online coach, share your improvement, organize meetings to run together, etc.

Special passes to participate at the iconic Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis, leading the message of peace and coexistence, will be the prizes for who will demonstrate his passion in the most creative and participative way.

We have no limits or borders, a selection of cities in Europe will be involved in this special youth festival with only one target: enjoy together without differences by running.

Several projects have shown the importance of sport for integration: basket, football, volleyball teams have always been key factors to integration. Unfortunately, sports like football, basket and volleyball need infrastructures that usually lack in contexts of social exclusion and in economically depressed areas.

Athletics has always been a sport free from ideology contrary on other sports like football where political extremist groups are identifying as supporter of specific teams. Athletic main events is the Olympic games, which are symbol of peace and cooperation between countries. Therefore, athletics seems to be the best sport to overcome social barriers and prevent political exacerbation, racism and all those factors which lead to radicalization.

General objective of the project is to use running to achieve integration between subjects who have been experiencing social exclusion, abuses, traumas – or any other factor leading to radicalization – with their peers.