Do You Know GeoLAB?

GeoLAB is a project conceived by FIDAL – the Italian National Federation of Athletics, co-funded by the EC, which works in continuity with GEOPARD in preventing risk of radicalization among youngsters through sport, and running in particular. GeoLAB focuses on coaching as a vehicle of social integration and inclusion, especially in urban contexts where episodes of violence and exclusion are more frequent, due to vulnerability factors for youth. General objective consists in developing a project aimed at paving the way for a well educated trainers networks, somehow innovative figures who are willing to acquire sport and social competences to manage with particularly fragile and vulnerable people, the so-called “people at risks”. Through this process, lasting 24 months, outcomes would be European Street Coaches focused on the core mission, on one hand, and a series of Documents to study and analyse the present scenario and provide a future interpretation of the context in terms of social inclusion through sport programmes, on the other hand. If trainers are well educated, skilled and aware of their role, young people usually at risk of isolation, or at the margins of communities, are prevented to be radicalised and excluded. GeoLAB Guidelines and contents for the promotion of sport activity, especially in unusual or soft-infrastructured places in the urban context, give the opportunity of:

  • Diversifying interpersonal relationships under the prism of a sport activity;
  • Expanding friendships and connections, through a totally safe Internet tool;
  • Focusing on a different and low cost interest such as sport events;
  • Increasing self-esteem, sense of belonging and responsibility towards life.

Those who have self-esteem attract other people, therefore by learning to value themselves. So the coach becomes essential to stimulate people interact, promoting new sports and training activities, stimulate healthy competition, promote new goals day by day.


How it works?

Specific objectives of GeoLAB are the following ones:

  • education and training for fifty “Street Coaches” through online lessons able to mix technical and social competences. Participants come from different backgrounds and have the opportunity of sharing and exchanging, also through role models and project team works;
  • organization of “RAREs” (Race Against Racism Events) to test acquired competences and make the format attractive and repeatable;
  • elaboration of shared documents among the five EU Member States partners, so that the role of sport and running is enhanced as a tool of prevention and active urban regeneration;

Methodology bases on a participatory, multi-stakeholder, transparent, cross-sector and transdisciplinary decision-making process. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, also known as the Deming wheel or the Deming cycle, is an iterative method for continual improvement of processes, products, or services and is a key element of lean management. The PDCA cycle is a loop rather than an end-to-end process, very versatile and easy-to-adopt. The goal is to improve on each improvement in an ongoing process of learning and growth. GeoLAB platform will be hosted by GEOpard, delivering materials and video-lessons.