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A running community
Welcome to GEOpard community.
If you are a person who loves sports, who wants to share workouts in a positive way, who wants to have fun through running and who wants to communicate the culture of athletic practice with respect for oneself and for others, then here you will always be welcome and this is the right place for you!

GEOpard aims to make you share your sports and training experiences with other members through a responsible and fun exchange!
Your platform experience must be funny and challenging. To achieve this, however, we ask all our subscribers to take responsibility for their behaviour and the way they interact with other users. We therefore ask you to think before you act and respect the guidelines of the community both online and offline.
GEOpard was, in fact, designed precisely to strengthen the idea of ​​sport as a tool to overcome social barriers and to prevent all forms of discrimination, violence, exclusion and all those risk factors that lead to radicalization. As athletes we cannot and want to tolerate any of these deviations and we are fair with us too!

The most important race
When you sign up for the platform and when you use it, remember that:

“Before sending / writing a message, sharing content (photos, videos, etc …), registering for a real or virtual sporting event on the platform and planning your workouts, always ask yourself if it is a respectful action you and above all others. Both on and offline.”

Here are the  fundamental pillars  of “onlife” behaviour so that the sports sharing experience is positive and constructive for everyone:

Mutual Trust – In relating, as a member respects others and the opinions of others with the knowledge that the same treatment must be reserved for you. In a positive exchange where actions detrimental to the dignity of other members are not allowed, in any form.
Integration – It favours the playful and creative dimension and the involvement of everyone without any distinction.
Loyalty – During the use of the platform and of sporting practice, you must give the right value to the competition as well as observe all the rules for your safety and that of others.
Honesty – Communicate sincerely, fairly and based on the principles and spirit of GEOpard, avoiding taking offensive actions towards others.
Respect – is the fundamental element to maintain a healthy social coexistence with all those who interact within the GEOpard platform and the sports world.
Fair Competition – Geopard does not encourage competitiveness if not linked to pure fun. Compete to smile and have fun!

The rules of the game
Within the community and in the “onlife” life, make sure that you can have fun and feel good with others thanks to and through the race and that others can do the same.

GEOpard does not intend to tolerate threats, hate speech, racism, intolerance and any form of violence, whether real or virtual.
For this we ask all members to respect simple rules of conduct that can guide in reality and in virtuality to kindness, prudence, respect and honesty. It is sport, on the other hand, that teaches us to live in a large community united by the passion for something that we like and excite us!

Play fair!
Pay attention to what you do, write, say and share!
Depending on the seriousness of the action, a violation in this sense can lead to the suspension or definitive cancellation of your account or to the reporting to the competent authorities if it constitutes a crime.
You can report inappropriate behaviours if they are implemented on the platform or during sports practice.

  • Never ask for or disclose private information, photos and videos.
    Sending photos, images, especially intimate videos are never a good practice because you can lose control of the contents and because they can constitute an illegal practice.
  • Naked, sexually explicit or pornographic content is never allowed to be uploaded to GEOpard.
  • It is never allowed to upload and share images on GEOpard that represent acts of violence, abuse, mistreatment and harmful behaviour towards others.
  • Do not ask for personal information from the other (physical or virtual addresses). The will and privacy of the other must always be respected. In all forms.
  • Pay attention to the information and images (as well as all content) that you yourself provide in your profile.
    If you want to share group photos, you need to ask permission from the people who are with you. Never post photos of minors.
  • Protect your online privacy and account. We respect them, do it too!
    Make sure you choose a strong password, change it often, and always be careful when logging into your account from a public or shared computer. GEOpard will never send you an e-mail asking for your username and password: if you receive an e-mail requesting information about your account, please report it immediately.

On the bench and on the road you will always find someone who can help you
If someone on GEOpard does not behave well towards you, makes you uncomfortable, or even in danger, report it! Contact the staff at  and we will do our best to help you. Alternatively, please contact the manager of your reference association.

  • Report a profile from your account to alert the moderation and security service. Each profile report is handled as quickly as possible: from the sending of a notice to the definitive banning of the profile.
  • Some examples of violations:
    • Requests for money or donations
    • Request for personal information and intimate content
    • Offensive, harmful, threatening messages
    • Hate speeches
    • Inappropriate and / or harmful behaviour
    • Violence and abuse
    • Fake profiles
    • Minor users
    • Spam, links to external URLs in an attempt to see products or services
    • Phishing
  • Ban a profile so that the person can no longer contact you.
  • The staff and moderators participate in the prevention and identification of forms of offenses, violence and cyber harassment. By activating, where necessary, the competent authorities.

For more information, see our GEOpard Policy .

Remember: GEOpard gives you a number of tips but the risks are many and it’s up to you to do your part! If you have a negative experience, know that GEOpard can help you. Report any incidents or facts here, and consider contacting one of the resources below: